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Shipyard Safety Instruction Course For Workers – General Trade (SSIC)


Shipyard Safety Instruction Course For Workers – General Trade (SSIC)

**This course is conducted by our subsidiary, Smatra Training Hub Pte Ltd**

The SSIC-GT is a mandatory WSH training course for all workers working in the shipbuilding and ship repairing industry. Shipyard workers are required to go through the SSIC before they start work at the shipyard. After the course, the learners should be able to recognize the safety hazards at shipyard work, know the preventive measures to be adopted, and the importance of observing safety signs and safe work procedures. The SSIC also aims to educate learners on their rights and responsibilities.

Learning objectives:
• Understand legal obligations in workplace safety and health
• Identify hazards in a shipyard
• Recognize all types of industrial safety signs
• Understand application process for safety permit prior to hot work
• Competent in wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
• Know and take safety precautions when working with different hazards
• Able to respond in case of fire or emergency

Assumed Skills and Knowledge:

Course Duration:
8 Hours inclusive of 1 hour assessment

Assessment Method:
Written test (MCQ)

Learners who have successfully completed the course will be conferred a safety pass issued by Smatra Training Hub.

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